Roman Reigns Vs The Undertaker At Mania

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– Roman Reigns Vs The Undertaker At Mania

In front of 75,245 members of the WWE Universe inside the Orlando Citrus Bowl, Roman Reigns conquered a WrestleMania institution, overcoming The Undertaker in a No Holds Barred Match at The Ultimate Thrill Ride to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that WWE is his yard now.

To step into the ring against The Phenom on The Grandest Stage of Them All is truly a daunting task all its own. The Undertaker entered the match with an unparalleled 23-1 record at The Showcase of The Immortals. However, no matter how many had fallen before The Demon of Death Valley, The Big Dog refused to be dissuaded from the hunt.

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross returned to call the main event of WrestleMania, and what a main event it turned out to be. A No Holds Barred Match would demand a clear winner, where there would be no count-out or disqualification, and only a pinfall or submission would bring the contest to a close.

The showdown began with The Undertaker and Reigns engaging in an all-out slugfest both inside and outside the ring. As time raged on, the action turned even more brutal when The Phenom chokeslammed Reigns onto the announce table. Yet as The Deadman signaled to the capacity crowd a quick end to the contest, Reigns unexpectedly countered with an epic Spear through the Spanish announce table.

Back inside the ring, Reigns took charge until The Undertaker answered with an Earth-shattering Last Ride. The Demon of Death Valley followed with a brutal chair assault on his prey, but Reigns roared back with a vicious Superman Punch. The Big Dog’s valiant attack was then squashed by Undertaker’s sudden chokeslam onto an unforgiving steel chair, and it looked as if The Phenom might once again end things with his signature Tombstone Piledriver. Yet, unbelievably, Reigns somehow managed to kick out of The Deadman’s grip once more.

Reigns next executed another Superman Punch – one of many throughout the match – and followed up with a devastating Spear. Though clearly staggered, The Deadman countered with Hell’s Gate, and might have claimed his 24th WrestleMania victory had Reigns not been so close to the ropes. Not to be outdone, Reigns rallied with a brutal chair assault of his own, followed with not one, but two Spears and another Superman Punch.

As he had done at so many WrestleManias before, The Undertaker rose once more, this time in the face of Reigns’ onslaught. This time, however, he would fall back to the ground, signaling that his battered body was giving out. Reigns recognized that even though the match was over, it was still not finished because The Undertaker refused to stay down. The Big Dog had to make a choice, and he did precisely that, delivering the fatal Spear that would put his legendary opponent to rest once and for all.

In the wake of the awesome struggle, the defeated Undertaker rose with dignity, leaving his hat, jacket and gloves in the center of the ring before slowly walking up the ramp. The Phenom then descended down into the ramp floor, the same way he ascended prior to the match, and the WWE Universe would feel a sense of finality as WrestleMania 33 drew to a close.

Though The Undertaker’s greatness will always be synonymous with The Showcase of The Immortals, Roman Reigns’ epic victory has established him as “The Guy” like never before. What effect will The Big Dog’s triumph have on WWE?

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