WWE Raw 12/5/16

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WWE Raw 12/5/16

Might Seth Rollins strike again?

As a dejected Chris Jericho attempted to leave Raw in a limousine after what appeared to be a falling out
with best friend and WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens, the curator of “The List” dealt with some unexpected
car trouble from Seth Rollins, who ambushed Jericho in the parking lot and drove his face into the roof of a sedan with a Pedigree.
Jericho reportedly required medical attention following the attack, but after his assault on The Architect
during a WWE Universal Championship Match the week before, we suspect Rollins didn’t mail out any “get well” cards
over the past few days. Will “The Man” continue to target “The Best in the World at What He Does” this week?

Will The Queen dare to cross The Boss on Raw?

The back-and-forth series of bouts between Sasha Banks and Charlotte Flair is already being lauded
as one of the most personal, intense rivalries in WWE’s New Era, and their Falls Count Anywhere Match
this past Monday night was perhaps their most brutal confrontation yet. After battling all over the Spectrum Center,
deep in the heart of Flair Country, Banks wrapped The Queen around a railing in the stands for a modified,
wince-inducing Bank Statement that forced the arrogant titleholder to tap out.
The Boss was honored after the match by Charlotte’s father, two-time WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair,
and The Queen even took to Twitter to show respect for her rival, but not without affirming that a rematch is inevitable.

Can Team Red handle this?

There was much to celebrate during the premiere of 205 Live on WWE Network this past Tuesday night when
“The Outlandish” Rich Swann — the Cruiserweight division’s most fun-loving and unpredictable competitor —
defeated The Brian Kendrick to become the new WWE Cruiserweight Champion.
After three swift kicks demystified The Wizard of Odd Tuesday night, Kendrick seemed to blame everyone but
himself for the loss, which proved that the Cruiserweight division hardly revolves around him. How will Swann’s
victory shake things up on Raw Monday night?

Will Sami Zayn cool off after heated exchange with Mick Foley?

Mick Foley is many things: The Hardcore Legend, a WWE Hall of Famer, New York Times bestselling author and
Raw General Manager are just a few monikers that spring to mind. “Hypocrite,” however, is seldom used to
describe the genial GM, but Sami Zayn didn’t hesitate from tossing that word in Foley’s face Monday night
after he was scolded for recklessly attacking Braun Strowman and putting himself in danger once again.
Zayn stormed off after the heated exchange, affirming that he wasn’t about to let Foley stand in his way.
How will Foley deal with this defiance if it continues this Monday? Moreover, is The Underdog from the
Underground endangering his career by disregarding his own wellbeing?

Is this the “End of the Line” for Kevin Owens?

Without Chris Jericho in his corner, WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens faced U.S. Champion Roman Reigns unaided
this past Monday night, falling victim to a thunderous Spear that earned The Big Dog an opportunity for The
Prizefighter’s title at Roadblock: End of the Line on Dec. 18, live on WWE Network.
With his friendship with Jericho on the rocks, Owens could very well be on his own when he battles “The Guy.” Is
The Prizefighter getting nervous? Based on what happened last Monday, he probably should be

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  • Someone 5 years ago

    Is today a lazy day? It’s bit more time taking while uploading videos!

  • Someone 5 years ago

    Why are you uploading sooooooo late? Any problem from your side?

  • ( due to some network issue in Sky & USA Part 3 & 4 Got delayed )

  • Someone 5 years ago

    Part 6 Dailymotion backup ¿

  • Someone 5 years ago

    Part 6 live backup Dailymotion????!!?

    • when file convert is ready ill upload each week, if 1080p convert fail, ill notify in chat.

  • main live 10 parts, backup live 9 or 8 parts so it will mostly be 1 part behind but the timings will be higher in backup.

  • Jake Collins 5 years ago

    Punk are you going to upload 1080p. I just wanted to thank you for last week’s RAW and SD Live 1080p. It was the best.

  • Doug Turrington 5 years ago

    This site is getting unbearable with the ads. Come on now, I’m not one to complain about free but interrupting at loud volumes, now hidden ads that you can’t exit out of that play OVER the videos?

    • thats called adds from dailymotion, everyone knows that, it doesnt belong to me, feel free to check out any sites :).

      dailymotion providing hd for free to us without auto copyright like youtube , im thankful for that. they also need to pay for their servers that gets leeched of bandwidth due to millions of video views in hd, their way of income is adds, no body can complain about it.

      if you want to watch without video adds checkout the openload, youwatch, cloudy, etc. links they only have their popup ad in beginning.

      • Doug Turrington 5 years ago

        I pay for Hulu, I’m just waiting. They let 80million users info get stolen too. DM can get bent

      • many ppls like u are paying for hulu from which they make millions, but no body pays for dailymotion.

        i have mailed them lots of times to avoid adds in middle, but no changes, what else can i do?

      • Doug Turrington 5 years ago

        Hey, nothing you can do, not your fault but I’ve been watching Raw for over five hours now. I’d be an idiot to keep watching it this way with all the interruptions, off synced audio and ads in the middle but now OVER the match. Same time. Sorry dude, you do a great service here but DM was the only one that didn’t drive me crazy and now they drive me crazy too lol

      • bazingatv is a good hosting with quality like dailymotion, they are down now, they will be up by next week according to their support, they dont provide adds in middle like this dailymotion. after they come online ill add their links along with dailymotion.

        ya i get what ur saying, those unskipable ads for 15sec in middle is uncool from them.

  • due to audio issue, have to run file again in converter so 1080p was delayed, now up , give it some time to transffer.