Watch NJPW SUMMER STRUGGLE 2021 8/26/21 August 26th 2021 Online Full Show Free


Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

( Unstable, njpw gets disabled by dailymotion too fast even after reupload )
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Other Hosts
NetU Multiup SD / HD / LQ

Temp Highspeed Download
HS Download HD HS Download SD HS Download LQ

Japanese only available today

We try our best to give links of all hosts mentioned above, Some times links are switched in deleted hosts, If you need video in any particular host, Request in Request Zone.

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  • njpwfan 9 months ago

    just so you know the hd files are really messed up .. i downloaded the “temp highspeed” hd, and the same file on the “other hosts”, and files were the same 🙁

    file name is NJPW_SUMMER_STRUGGLE_2021_82621_HD .mp4

    =] thanks for all you do

    • njpwfan 9 months ago

      oh, by messed up, i mean like really really jittery . . =]

      i didnt check sd or lq files . . sorry

      • TheGame 9 months ago

        ur taking these files for the first time or its always like that for njpw.

    • Deadman 9 months ago

      can u explain what u mean by jittery, u mean video going fast or nything else? its taken from their source like usual, i will redownload & try again. if you still see the issue, explain the issue.

  • Deadman 9 months ago

    file reuploaded in all quality.

    if you are still facing issue, explain about the issue & timings @ which the issue occurs.

    • njpwfan 9 months ago

      thank you so much . . these files are perfect

      njpworld had a bad VOD for about 6 hours . . 🙂

      thank you!!!! amazing main event!!!

  • kenny 9 months ago


  • Deadman 9 months ago

    date corrected