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  • all of the new hosting stuff is setting off my anti-virus so i now cant watch as it terminates the connection

    • Wrestler 2 months ago

      can u provide a screenshot and what antivirus you are using so we can test it.

      • Jeremiah 2 months ago

        Are u guys gonna do any of the PvP tonight.
        Also I don’t mind all WWE or AEW stuff but I see NOAH or DDT or even GCW categories and I thought I’d get to see more up to date. So just asking if we can.

    • Kamigoye 2 months ago

      Please Upload GCW Bloodsport 9 and DDT Goes Hollywood in any Hosting

  • By the way, the Chris Mbilli fight still hasn’t been uploaded as Boxing Enthusiast asked.

  • claxton 2 months ago

    “Combat Jiu-Jitsu Worlds The Welterweights” MARCH 26 broadcast by UFC Fight Pass

  • WWE 24: WrestleMania 38 just released on WWE Network/Peacock please and thank you

  • Steve 2 months ago

    I would love it if you guys could post the latest WWE 24 and the Hall of Fame this weekend 🙂

  • Nemanja02 2 months ago

    Can you guys upload all NXT episodes?

  • Dylan 2 months ago

    Guys please fix the audio delay on each WWE/AEW show for FSC HD & PVP HD

    • dylan 2 months ago

      Same audio delays every week

      • Jacob 2 months ago

        which show, which hosting, device, player and timing this audio issue occure.

        first also check in any other site if there is audio lag, if u are using bluetooh headphones this is a possiblity too.

        without a specific file and timing mentioned we wont be able to check this out.

  • Paulo 2 months ago

    All the new stuff is infected with trojan

    • Jacob 2 months ago

      we will look into it, thank you.

      do u really think a website can infect u with torjan?

      its some shit spread by these av apps. these sites got advertisements and these avs just block them. thats the bottom line, u are not going to install anything, u are only going to watch videos.

      all u can do is add the site to exclusion in ur antivirus if u want to keep watching.

      • Jacob, is you part of the admin of the site too? Like a moderator or something?

  • can you upload old TNA ppv’s? 2005-2007 era. also old school njpw from the 90s/2000s/early to mid 2010s.

  • dylan 2 months ago

    Every weekly WWE RAW/SMACKDOWN/NXT/AEW DYNAMITE/RAMPAGE FSC HD and PVP HD every time has audio delay please fix

    • Wrestler 2 months ago

      if u cant give a timing where this happens, we wont be able to check file. i already checked this week raw no issue in file.

  • claxton 2 months ago

    There are 2 upcoming events this weekend
    “Rise Invitational 11” APRIL 1 at 7:00PM ET broadcast by FloGrapplingdotcom and
    “Grapplefest 15” APRIL 1 broadcast by FITE TV
    Replay please in HS Download and FSC , Thanks

  • Yaya Traoré 2 months ago