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  • WWE Audience 7 months ago

    4 major scenes to draw more attention to viewers on this sesonal fianle of Total Divas 2019:

    (1) Sonya Deville and Arianna love each other for a long long long time.

    (2) Liv’s mother joined the Hawaii trip to meet her for vacation thanks to Bellas’ coordination.

    (3) Nia Jax’s double knee surgery went quite well.

    (4) Divas invited Ronda Rousey before taking her career time off for post Wrestlemania celebration party.

    Now, what will be the next for all female rosters in the future?

  • Josef Chochor 7 months ago

    Any chance to re-up the last season of Total Divas? It seems that only 2 last episodes are available right now. (Btw Primevideos would be the best.)

    Anyway, thanks a lot for what you’re doing!
    Have a good one!

    • Admin 7 months ago

      i have posted a note about primevid request. any mods will do it.

      but you are betteroff using intoup because im not sure whether mods got the backup for aux shows old files.