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Total Bellas Premiere: The Bellas’ big move

Nikki and Brie Bella move to San Diego, and while The Fearless One’s dream wedding is approaching,
things are not as idyllic as they appear. Total Bellas airs Sundays at 9/8 C on E!.

We all know where Total Bellas is going before Season 3 even starts: The dream wedding of Nikki Bella and John
Cena, unfortunately, will not come to pass. This makes the season premiere, in which the couple begin to finally
prepare in earnest for their nuptials,
both telling and tragic in hindsight: Not only do we know what’s coming down the line, we’re actually able
to see it happen, piece by piece, in real time.
This hour topples the first domino, which is that Nikki is reflexively making too many concessions in both
wedding planning and her life. Rather than address her concerns with Cena, Nikki’s instinct seems to be to
agree with whatever her fiancé suggests, while never
letting on that it might not be entirely what she wants. Her latest compromise of having the ceremony in
West Newbury, Mass. — rather than the Napa Valley wedding she always dreamed of — causes Brie Bella’s
mounting frustration with Cena to boil over following a Belle Radici meeting.

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