WWE SmackDown Live 8/29/17

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WWE Smackdown Live 8/29/17 Preview

SmackDown LIVE preview, Aug. 29, 2017: Will Owens be on the warpath?

Last week, Kevin Owens thought he had a surefire way to regain the United States Championship
from AJ Styles after choosing Baron Corbin as the special guest referee. However, when The Lone
Wolf bailed after his refereeing skills were called into question, Shane McMahon stepped in
for the pinfall that saw Styles retain the title. Now that he can no longer challenge for
the title, how will KO react? Find out tonight at 8/7 C on USA Network!

Will Kevin Owens be on the warpath?

Last week on SmackDown LIVE, Kevin Owens asked for – and received – another opportunity at AJ
Styles’ United States Championship, though he had to agree that this would be his final chance
at the title as long as The Phenomenal One holds it. KO elected to have Baron Corbin serve
as special guest referee, promising The Lone Wolf a future title opportunity.
However, the two’s gambit did not pan out, as Shane McMahon arrived to ringside to ensure the
officiating was fair. After a furious Corbin walked out, the SmackDown LIVE Commissioner
again put on the stripes himself, then counted the pinfall for The Phenomenal One. Having
seen his final U.S. Title opportunity go out the window, how will a surely furious Owens react?

Will Bobby Roode continue to make SmackDown LIVE glorious?

Perhaps the biggest news coming out of last week’s SmackDown LIVE was the addition of
Bobby Roode to Team Blue. The former NXT Champion arrived amid rapturous fanfare from
the WWE Universe before defeating Aiden English with his patented Glorious DDT.
After the bell, Roode promised that, as a result of his signing, SmackDown LIVE was
going from great to glorious. Just how does Roode plan on keeping his momentum going?
Find out on SmackDown LIVE, tonight at 8/7 C on USA Network!

Gable & Benjamin make their tag team debut

With Jason Jordan’s departure to Monday Night Raw, Chad Gable had been left wondering
what was next for his burgeoning career. SmackDown LIVE General Manager Daniel Bryan had
an answer for him, revealing that as part of the deal for Jordan, Raw GM Kurt Angle
helped Bryan sign Shelton Benjamin to Team Blue. Furthermore, the former Intercontinental,
United States and WWE Tag Team Champion was interested in teaming up with the Olympian.
Bryan arranged for the two to have their first match as a tag team tonight on SmackDown LIVE.
How will the new pairing of Gable & Benjamin start off their tandem journey?

Is Dolph Ziggler ready to show off his star power?

After several weeks away from Team Blue, Dolph Ziggler returned to SmackDown LIVE, though he
seemed a little miffed at coming back in a backstage interview. The Showoff also appeared to
be more erratic than usual, as the former World Champion claimed that he finally discovered
what it takes to become a star in WWE.
Ziggler revealed that he was not above singing, dancing, flashy ring robes and bright spotlights.
He also promised that he’d show off his newly found star power this week on SmackDown LIVE.
Just what exactly does Dolph Ziggler have in mind?

Has Lana prepared Tamina to crush the competition?

The unusual relationship between the hard-hitting Tamina and The Ravishing Russian, Lana, has
been an intriguing focal point in the SmackDown LIVE Women’s division in recent weeks. After
a few failures as a tag team, Tamina demanded that Lana help her get the SmackDown Women’s
It appears that The Ravishing Russian now has her charge ready to begin her championship
journey, promising a “ravishing reign of terror” that will begin tonight. With the devious
Lana in her corner, will anyone be able to stop Tamina from reaching her goal?

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  • Mark Yates 3 years ago

    I love Sheldon Benjamin and happy he’s back but John is crazy saying he’s in great shape! Your an absolute fool JBL!

  • Mark Yates 3 years ago

    The ascension have a great gimmick but they always lose. I think the WWE really missed out on an opportunity to make them the unbeatable heel tag champs. They are legitimately scary and they could do like a new ministry 2.0 or something with the Ascension and Bray Wyatt. They are too safe to do a horror angle though.

  • Mark Yates 3 years ago

    Ty Dillinger has earned my respect! He is manning up and not Letting Corbin walk on him! Too many Pansy’s in the World Today!

  • Loay Awad 3 years ago

    how to stop the ad in daily mation

    • i have no idea, some times there is skip button , many times it plays for the full freaking 20sec ad

      i am trying to find a any other hosting that supports hd and allow wrestling till then no choice. u can try openload

  • Zach Abler 3 years ago

    Time to change that John Cena photo.