WWE SmackDown Live 7/25/17

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WWE Smackdown Live 7/25/17 Preview

SmackDown LIVE preview, July 25, 2017:

Witness the aftermath of Jinder Mahal’s controversial Punjabi Prison win
WWE Champion Jinder Mahal’s victory over Randy Orton inside the Punjabi Prison at WWE Battleground
left fans around the world stunned, as The Great Khali unexpectedly returned to keep The Viper trapped
inside the menacing structure. With the WWE Title still in his possession, what lies ahead for
The Modern-Day Maharaja? Find out on SmackDown LIVE, tonight at 8/7 C on USA Network!

Who will step up to challenge Jinder Mahal?

That Jinder Mahal will do anything to keep the WWE Championship is no surprise. What shocked
the WWE Universe at WWE Battleground last Sunday, however, is the Punjabi behemoth who appeared
in The Modern-Day Maharaja’s corner, ready to help him hang onto that title.
With The Singh Brothers neutralized and Mahal reeling, Randy Orton looked to be on the verge of
his 14th World Championship, until the monstrous Great Khali suddenly arrived. The 7-foot tall,
350-pound giant took matters into his own hands, grabbing Orton by the neck and keeping The
Viper trapped in the bamboo cage while Mahal escaped the Punjabi Prison to retain his title.
It appears that The Great Khali’s shocking interference represented a passing of the torch to
Mahal, whose third consecutive victory over Orton is now in the books. What will happen next in
The Modern-Day Maharaja’s reign? Will a new challenger step up, or will a venomous Viper be out
for vengeance?

Will AJ Styles continue his pursuit of the United States Championship?

WWE Battleground had more than its share of controversy, including the United States
Championship battle between AJ Styles and Kevin Owens. In managing to reverse a submission hold by
The Phenomenal One, KO scored a surprise three-count to reclaim his title and, perhaps, the right
to once again call himself The New Face of America.

How will The New Day’s title win change Team Blue’s Tag Team division?

The New Day continued to build on their incredible legacy at WWE Battleground, defeating The Usos in
a thrilling contest to capture the SmackDown Tag Team Titles for the first time and beginning their
third overall tandem reign in WWE.
Kofi Kingston, Xavier Woods & Big E have already broken the record for the longest Tag Team Title
reign in WWE history. What are they planning to do with their latest turn as champions on Team Blue?

Who blindsided The Fashion Police?

At WWE Battleground, Breezango were hoping to close the case that has haunted them for weeks.
Instead, Tyler Breeze & Fandango may have inadvertently opened the door to a world of unspeakable pain.
The Ascension seemingly admitted to everything, including trashing The Fashion Police’s station, attacking
Breeze and causing the demise of Tully the toy horse. However, Fandango, a crafty detective for sure, saw
right through Konnor & Viktor’s story, as the bruisers had taken the cops’ offer of Eddie Money tickets
on the night of Tully’s brutal end. The case seemed to have gone cold once again, until the lights went
out in Breezango’s office. They turned back on momentarily to reveal a downed Breeze, and then the room
went dark again. When the room lit back up, Fandango was seen unconscious on the floor,
being dragged off by an unknown attacker.

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  • Joe Brandenberger 3 years ago

    damn adult diaper commercial freezes the windows EVERY time!!!

    • Mark Yates 3 years ago

      Yeah I had some freezing with Battleground. It’s not perfect and a lot of it is probably beyond the site masters control but he does a darn good job overall.

      I really appreciate the “free” service he is offering. I pay for the WWE Network and cancelled my account because this site works a lot better when theirs don’t work at all.

      Try selecting a later point in the video with the timeline slider. Wait for it to catch up. It should work then. Sometimes it just fails to finish no matter and you gotta use the other links.

    • thers 30fps & 60fps 2 sources mostprobably 60fps hanging for u i guess.

  • Mark Yates 3 years ago

    Kevin Owens is a good person with a pure heart and good things have come to him. Why would anyone write that.

    Noone buys that. The writing doesn’t make a lot of sense these days. It’s a very weird thing for a heel to say.

  • Mark Yates 3 years ago

    Please for the love of God fire Aiden English! So terrible!