WWE SmackDown Live 12/13/16

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Preshow Part 1 Part 2 talking smack

Preshow Part 1 Part 2 talking smack

Preshow Part 1 Part 2 talking smack

Preshow Part 1 Part 2 talking smack

Preshow Part 1 Part 2 Talking Smack

Preshow Part 1 Part 2 talking smack

Preshow Part 1 Part 2 Talking Smack

Preshow Part 1 Part 2 talking smack

Preshow Part 1 Part 2 talking smack

Preshow Part 1 Part 2 talking smack

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WWE Smackdown Live 12/13/16

Todays Sheadule – WWE SmackDown Live 12/13/16.
8.00PMWWE SmackDown Live – Every 15 Minutes Dailymotion HD Replay
10.00PM205 Live – 3 Parts HD Live ( after that Full show HD )
10.20PMWWE SmackDown 2 Parts HDTV + HD. ( timing of HD Might change )
10.45PMTalking Smack Live, After live Dailymotion HD.

WWE Week will feature Styles vs. Ellsworth in a WWE Championship Match+

This Tuesday at 8/7 C, James Ellsworth challenges AJ Styles for the WWE Title as part of WWE Week
on USA Network. In addition to dealing with the pressures of such a high-stakes contest and the fact
that The Phenomenal One will be out to absolutely destroy him, Ellsworth must also prepare himself
for the little matter of a lunatic on the loose, thirsty for retribution.
Last week, Ellsworth cost Dean Ambrose both the WWE Championship at WWE TLC and the Intercontinental
Championship on SmackDown LIVE. So perhaps the question isn’t whether or not the chinless Superstar
will win the title, but who will get their hands on him first? Then again, Ellsworth has defied the
odds before. (He’s unbeaten against the champion so far.) Is there actually a chance that he will find
a way to capture WWE’s top prize?

Who can possibly overcome The Wyatt Family?

Last week, new SmackDown Tag Team Champions Randy Orton & Bray Wyatt overcame former titleholders Heath Slater
& Rhyno in dominant fashion, reminding the WWE Universe just how dangerous they really are, not only to the
Tag Team division, but to Team Blue as a whole.
Later on Talking Smack, Rhyno walked out on The One Man Band, indicating that we could be seeing the end
of Beauty & The Man Beast. But is there any tandem on SmackDown LIVE who will dare challenge the Wyatts?
The Hype Bros have already stated they are heading in that direction, and American Alpha will surely continue
their longstanding pursuit of tandem championship gold. A challenge from The Usos would also be a sight to see,
and though ew’re not sure what would happen if “The Fashion Police” Breezango attempted to hand
The New Face of Fear a citation, we are definitely curious.
Notwithstanding the incredible talent in SmackDown LIVE’s Tag Team division, however,
with the news that The Wyatts will utilizethe Freebird Rule throughout their championship reign,
it will be difficult for any team to contend with the combined force of Wyatt, Orton & Luke Harper.

Is Nikki out to get Natalya or Carmella?

Last week, following Carmella’s claims that Natalya had attacked Nikki Bella at Survivor Series,
a stone-faced Nikki didn’t seem the least bit receptive to Natalya’s denial. Later on Talking Smack,
The Princess of Staten Island further explained her side of things and added more fuel to the fire.
Which one’s lying: Carmella or Natalya? And will Fearless Nikki take it upon herself to find out
the answer with whatever force necessary?

Who will look to unseat The Miz?

As Curt Hawkins might say, it’s time to face the facts: The Miz walked out of Survivor Series,
WWE TLC and last week’s SmackDown LIVE with the Intercontinental Title still securely around his waist.
So who will be the next Superstar to try and knock The A-Lister into a B-List column? As SmackDown LIVE
is the land of opportunity, the field has never been more wide open. Certainly Baron Corbin comes to mind,
considering his success in recent brutal showdowns against Kalisto. Perhaps Luke Harper will look to
conquer Miz and bring even more championship gold into the Wyatt Family fold. Or, in light of
James Ellsworth’s interference last week, will Dean Ambrose vie for another crack at the illustrious title?
Whoever decides to step up, one thing is certain: The Miz continues to prove that he is a lot better at winning
than everybody thinks he is, and knocking him off the mountaintop will not be a small task for any Superstar.

Gabriel Iglesias to appear on SmackDown LIVE Tuesday night

celebrated comedian Gabriel Iglesias is headed to SmackDown LIVE as part of WWE Week.
Not only is Iglesias is one of America’s most successful stand-up comedians who performs to
sold-out crowds around the world, he is one of the most watched comedians on YouTube. His non-scripted
comedic docu-follow series “Fluffy Breaks Even” begin its third season on FUSE TV early next year.
Celebrating 20 years in stand-up comedy, Iglesias will also launch a new world tour, FluffyMania World
Tour: 20 Years of Comedy, this February.
How will Iglesias fare when he comes to Team Blue? Find out this Tuesday as WWE Week rolls through SmackDown

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