WWE SmackDown Live 1/2/18

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WWE Smackdown Live 1/2/18 Preview

Smackdown 1/2/18 preview, Jan. 2nd, 2018

This Week Smackdown takes place in Amway Center, Orlando, Florida..

# Sami Zayn Vs AJ Styles – Non Title Singles Match.
For the first time Samy Zayn & AJ Styles Will battle in the Blue ring in a singles
mathch without any titile on the line. This all sarted because, Last week Zane costed a match for AJ Styles by
distracting him and screwed him big time during the mainevent match between Kevin Owens & AJ Styles, This week AJ
Styles is Riled Up To KickAss Of Sami Zayn , will kevin do the favor back for Zayne or Will Shane screw zane by
implementing any rule to keep owens away from the ring?

# Usos Vs Chad Gable & Shelton Benjamin For Tag Team Championship.
This week the usos will put their Smackdown tag team championship on the line
against chad & shelton who knocked out the new day & rusev n Aiden last week in triple threat tagteam match for the
no 1 contender for tagteam title in last week smackdown. lets see what will be the outcome of this match, will they
pin the usos n become new champs or their non title strea continues.

# US Championship Tournament.
Two weeks befor Dolph Ziggler gave up on his us championship and relinquished
it in just a couple of days after he won it in clash of champs triple threat match. Last week Blue Team Manager O
bryan announced that there will be an eight man tournament to determine the next US Champion.
In first round of the tournament that was held last week in which Bobby Roode Kicked ass of Baron Corbin, Jinder
Mahal & Tye Dillinger to become victorius.
In Second round of the tournamet Zack Ryder, Mojo Rawley, Xavier Woods & Aiden English Will compete in a 4 man
match which will decide the opponent for Bobby Roode in the finale of the tournament which will decide the new
US Champion.

# Whos going to throw their name next for Royal Rumble.
For Womens Rumble match Naomi, Ruby & Natalya from blue brand have enlisted
for Royal Rumble.
For Mens Rumble match Randy Orton & Shinsuke Nakamura from blue brand has declared their names for Royal Rumble.
Who else will join, lets see.

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