WWE Raw 2/27/17

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WWE Raw 2/27/17

Raw preview, Feb. 27, 2017: Seth Rollins addresses his condition

For the first time since being injured at the hands of Samoa Joe, Seth Rollins comes to Raw to address his
condition. Will The Architect miss his second WrestleMania in a row? Also on Raw, Goldberg returns just six
nights before challenging Kevin Owens for the Universal Championship at WWE Fastlane

Seth Rollins addresses his injury

Save for posting a series of “Fight Club” quotes on Instagram for the past few Monday nights, Seth Rollins has
been relatively quiet concerning his condition following Samoa Joe’s ambush that tore The Architect’s right MCL.
At this point, it seems unlikely that Rollins will be able to compete at this year’s WrestleMania. That would
mean that the former WWE Champion will miss his second consecutive Show of Shows, this time thanks to Triple H’s
“Destroyer.” Will Rollins confirm this unfortunate news, or will he have another message entirely for The Cerebral
Assassin and The Samoan Submission Specialist?

Goldberg returns before WWE Fastlane

Universal Champion Kevin Owens has been even more ruthless than usual since he severed his friendship with
Chris Jericho during their “Festival of Friendship” on Raw earlier this month. Whether this new attitude will
help shield The Prizefighter from Goldberg’s onslaught, however, remains to be seen at WWE Fastlane.
As Paul Heyman revealed this past Monday night, Brock Lesnar is banking on Goldberg becoming Universal Champion,
giving The Beast Incarnate just one more thing to take away from the WCW icon when they clash at WrestleMania,
along with Goldberg’s “health, well-being, reputation, legacy and career.”
Meanwhile, Owens doubts Goldberg’s true abilities, and claims that at WWE Fastlane, the veteran’s “superhero
fantasy” will come to an end. Can Owens back up his boasts, or will he underestimate Goldberg’s power, just as
Lesnar did at Survivor Series?

Is Roman Reigns fighting a losing battle against Braun Strowman?

Roman Reigns remains one of the most dominant Superstars on Team Red, but when it comes to Braun Strowman,
The Big Dog seems to lose his bite.
After brutalizing Raw Tag Team Champions Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson this past Monday night in a 2-on-1
Handicap Match, the furious Reigns attempted to attack The Monster Among Men in the wake of Strowman’s victory
over Big Show, and he ultimately fell victim to the behemoth’s running powerslam. This scenario is becoming
painfully familiar to Reigns in recent weeks, and it seems increasingly doubtful that the former WWE Champion
has any chance of conquering Strowman when they battle at WWE Fastlane.

Enzo Amore & Big Cass close in on “Big Gal” and “Andy”

What do we got over here? A cuppa No. 1 contenders? Indeed, Enzo Amore & Big Cass defeated Cesaro & Sheamus this
past Monday night to earn a Raw Tag Team Championship opportunity against Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson at WWE Fastlane.
The Certified Gs already have a storied history with the so-called “good brothers,” but now that Raw’s tandem
titles are on the line, something tells us the thunder-and-lightning pair will up their game this week on Raw,
both in the ring and on the mic. Are the cowboys in black prepared to truly start taking this fun-loving duo seriously?

What scheme does Charlotte Flair have in store for Bayley?

In light of the controversial circumstances surrounding Bayley’s Raw Women’s Title victory on the Feb.
13 Raw — Sasha Banks attacked Charlotte Flair with her crutch when the referee wasn’t looking — The Queen
demanded that The Huggable One relinquish her title. Fortunately, much to the delight of the WWE Universe, Bayley
didn’t honor that demand; in fact, instead of getting the title returned to her, Charlotte received a loss at the hands
of The Boss just moments later.
No doubt still furious after being forced to tap out to Bayley’s best friend’s finishing maneuver, the Bank Statement,
Charlotte is likely plotting some serious mind games to get inside the new champion’s head before their Raw Women’s
Title rematch at WWE Fastlane. Will the high-and-mighty Queen sink to new lows this Monday night?

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