WWE Raw 2/25/19

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WWE Raw Live 2/25/19 Preview

# WWE Raw preview, Feb. 25, 2019: Roman Reigns returns with an update for the WWE Universe

* Live on Raw, former Universal Champion Roman Reigns returns to Raw to update the WWE Universe on his battle with leukemia. What will The Big Dog have to say? Also on Raw, don’t miss a special 70th birthday celebration for two-time WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair!

* The Big Dog is back
* A birthday celebration worthy of The Nature Boy
* NXT Superstars on the rise
* There’s something about Dean Ambrose
* Who will be The Boss ‘N’ Hug Connection’s first challengers?

# The Big Dog is back

* As we learned Thursday night, Roman Reigns is set to return to Monday Night Raw for the first time in more than four months, and will update the WWE Universe on the battle with leukemia that forced him to step away from the ring and relinquish the Universal Championship.
Whatever The Big Dog has to say, you won’t want to miss it.

# A birthday celebration worthy of The Nature Boy

* No one parties quite like Ric Flair, and this Monday night, the 16-time World Champion celebrates his 70th birthday with Team Red.
Who’s on the guest list for this sure-to-be legendary night, and what stylin’ and profilin’ surprises are in store?

# NXT Superstars on the rise

* This past Monday night, NXT Champion Tommaso Ciampa, Johnny Gargano, Ricochet and Aleister Black scored big wins in their WWE debuts, and they all maintained that momentum on SmackDown LIVE with impressive wins over blue brand Superstars.
How will these four newcomers dazzle the WWE Universe this week?

# There’s something about Dean Ambrose

* Dean Ambrose has made it clear multiple times how he feels about Seth Rollins since he turned on The Shield back in October, but the self-proclaimed “Moral Compass of WWE” was oddly surprised when The Kingslayer — who’s battled Ambrose tooth-and-nail since The Shield’s destruction — didn’t back him up in his match against Drew McIntyre.
Does Ambrose truly believe that Rollins would put the past behind him, or is there another strategy in play?

# Who will be The Boss ‘N’ Hug Connection’s first challengers?

* As the first bearers of the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship, Sasha Banks & Bayley have vowed to defend their titles against anyone on any brand. One night after historically winning the tandem prizes at WWE Elimination Chamber, Nia Jax & Tamina confronted the champions, but The Boss and The Huggable One repelled the attack, refusing to let their celebration be spoiled.
Had Jax & Tamina not retreated, we might have seen a WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship Match right then and there. But given their take-all-challengers attitudes, will Sasha & Bayley’s first title defense happen sooner than later?

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    i m very happy

  • Chris 2 years ago

    Nice show!

  • Perosonally I am not a fan of Rosey, I am in no way saying she has got nothing, she is very talented and has a lot of skill and is great to watch in action having said that, my reason for not liking her is a big one to me she is the WWE’s golden girl has had everything handed to her on a golden platter, never had to work for it like Becky Lynch who is my favorite, as for her walkout she vacated the title no question you cannot lay the title down and walk away and expect it back, this was most likely scripted to add more to the match at wrestlemania which I cannot wait for it’s about time the ladies got the spotlight, if it wasn’t scripted then ultimate respect to Rousey. Now Charlotte ha been hand picked by Vince so lets see if Vince doesn’t just give the title to her another golden girl, pretty crappy in ring and out of ring I personally do not like Charlotte now I’ve found out she is Vinces golden girl, Charlotte does not deserve to be in the main event at mania she never earned it like Becky, I am really getting sick and tired of the WWE I almost prefer to sit and watch grass grow. Now they promised us something different and I am assuming that is because of AEW coming, but we are getting a lot of the same shit still, for example Braun and Corbin I’m sure everyones sick and tired of that bullshit we all know Braun would kill Corbin, but everytime they have a match we all know whats going to happen, you keep giving us legends like Kurt and so on, now I respect and like Kurt but his had his time all your doing is filling a spot taking it away from fresh talent and potentially destroying a lot of Kurts image, as for Lashley and his bitch, thats pretty shit I watched Lashley at TNA before he came back to WWE no way does Lashley need a bitch to help him Lashley is plenty skillful enough in his own merit, but we all know how WWE likes to ruin its superstars, take Balor for an example it took AEW to get his big push not the fans but the threat of another promotion that could quash WWE in its own right not due to us the fans. Now lets look at the mens tag team titles The revival are an absolutely brilliant tag team who you continually ruin by there current losses with the titles, now I like the idea of new talent coming in but not at the expense of people who arent in the singles title hunt the new guys should have A either wrestled eachother in say a fatal four way or B wrestled current WWE singles superstars, now we go to bitch boy Lesnar, this is the main belt for Raw but you never see it and why because Brocks a btch and does not want to do much work, he has very little in ring talent, can’t hold it in the UFC anymore, wants to hold the WWE hostage and wrestle once in a blue moon, the biggest belt on Raw and you see it maybe 6 times a year if you are lucky, I guess WWE likes to ruin its own product if Seth doesnt beat Lesnar and bring the universal title back to the forefront and make it mean somerhing in which it was supposed to stand for then I will cease watching WWE, as all they do is lie if we are meant to be the ones who make the matches and whatnot how on earth does bitch boy still have the universal title, the WWE is feeding us the same bullshit and everyones happy to sit back and watch but not me, Im not watching an inferior program. now lets talk smackdown so im not just hating on Raw, the IC title whilst I understand R Truth has done so much for WWE and is a great talent, I am not so certain that he should hold the IC title but he should get something for his long tenure and his loyalty. Now the tag team titles The Uso’s are probably one of if not the best tag team in WWE today both brands with teams like the rivival and if they put DIY back together that will be another one, the new day is great in there own right but really they are a comedy act, those guys crack me up. As for the heavyweight or WWE title whichever you want to call it, DB has bought a lot of illegitimacy to the title why he needs a backup bitch for I’ll never know, as for Kofi in the chamber he should have won they worked that so well abd Kofi is like R Truth he has been there forever and his performance deserved the belt but alas no DB retains, I hope Kofi gets something from the WWE hopefully at mania he beats DB which will be well deserved. We have heard Owens i coming back, whatever happened to Bray or Ty Dillinger I am sure there are other great talent that the WWE has let go that would be far better than some of the current crop I am also sure that there are a couple of womens division superstars let go that would have been better than a few around today.