WWE Raw 1/30/17

Watch WWE Raw 1/30/17 Live 30th January 2017 Full Show Free 1/30/2017

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WWE Raw 1/30/17

WWE Raw preview, Jan. 30, 2017: The Road to WrestleMania begins

Last night at Royal Rumble, the Raw Tag Team Titles fell into the hands of two “good brothers,
” The King of the Cruiserweights was crowned and Kevin Owens retained the WWE Universal
Championship under monstrously questionable circumstances. How will the Raw landscape continue
to change tonight? WWE.com has some ideas.

Stephanie McMahon to address Seth Rollins face-to-face

Seth Rollins has wanted a piece of Triple H ever since The Game cost The Architect the WWE Universal
Championship back in August and his music cost Rollins his Royal Rumble Match opportunity on Raw.
At NXT TakeOver: San Antonio, Rollins attacked The Game on his home turf by hijacking the broadcast
to confront The King of Kings.
Triple H has responded that there’s a big difference between the “creator” of WWE NXT and the “destroyer”
that is The Cerebral Assassin. Following that threat issued by her husband late Saturday night,
Raw Commissioner Stephanie McMahon has announced that she’ll address Rollins face-to-face on Raw.
What punishment awaits The Architect? Will he be fined, suspended or worse?

Brock Lesnar suffers second humiliation at the hands of Goldberg

Brock Lesnar seemed unstoppable during the Royal Rumble Match … until Goldberg entered the bout, Speared
The Beast Incarnate and sent him tumbling over the top rope. Just as he did at Survivor Series, Goldberg
made short work of one of the most powerful Superstars in WWE history.
Judging by Lesnar’s face after being dumped to the floor, he was just as surprised as the WWE Universe last
night in San Antonio. Goldberg would be eliminated by The Undertaker just a few minutes later, but something
tells us he still has some unfinished business with Lesnar—or, more accurately, Lesnar has some unfinished
business with him

The Monster Among Men gives The Prizefighter an assist

As United States Champion Chris Jericho channeled Richard Dreyfus from “Jaws” last night at Royal Rumble,
locked in a shark cage high above the ring, the ravenous Braun Strowman attacked like a great white below,
driving Roman Reigns through a table and allowing Kevin Owens to retain the WWE Universal Championship.
Is The Monster Among Men in league with The Prizefighter? Why exactly did Strowman help Owens dismantle
The Big Dog? Hopefully, the WWE Universe will learn the truth behind the behemoth’s actions tonight.

The “good brothers” score a controversial win

Even though two referees were assigned to last night’s Raw Tag Team Championship Match pitting Sheamus &
Cesaro against Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson, the challengers were nevertheless able to steal a victory
last night during the Royal Rumble Kickoff and become Team Red’s top tandem.
With the Raw Tag Team Titles in tow, the so-called “good brothers” will no doubt boast about their questionable
win tonight on Raw. Will The Celtic Warrior and The Swiss Superman retaliate or, following their post-elimination argument during the Royal Rumble Match, is their alliance finished?

The Queen of pay-per-view” goes 16-0

Lifelong WWE Universe member Bayley’s childhood dream nearly came to fruition last night at Royal Rumble,
but it was Charlotte Flair who left the Alamodome with the Raw Women’s Championship around her waist,
and her undefeated streak in championship matches on pay-per-view intact.
Now that The Queen has turned back the determined Bayley, who will be next to challenge her rule at the
top of the Raw Women’s division? Will The Huggable One continue to pursue the title? Find out tonight.

The King of the Cruiserweights ascends to the throne

Neville has been a king in his own mind for several weeks. Last night at Royal Rumble, though, his reign
officially began when he made Rich Swann submit to the Rings of Saturn and became the new WWE Cruiserweight
Now that he is officially the undisputed King of the Cruiserweights, how will Neville celebrate his first Raw
as royalty?

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  • Randal 2 years ago

    Seg 5&6 are same!

    • use the other version when there is live thats why i give 2 versions, anyway its corrected.

  • Dante Mitchell 2 years ago

    Please in Royal Rumble show in Dailymotion v3 fix part 3 it says the page does not exist. Part 1 2 and 4 are working fine but please reupload part 3. Thank you

  • Naman Yadav 2 years ago

    Clicknupload 720p after the show please

  • Randal 2 years ago

    Is seg 11 encoded or it’s still or I’ve some issues from my side because it’s taking bit more time to encode

  • Sanam - Lahore 2 years ago

    You are doing amazing work.

  • Swagamoto 2 years ago

    Why is the audio pitched changed an out of synced with the video?

    • 10 or 16 parts, try the other source and see.

      if its only off by lessthan 1sec it cant be fixed during live due to reconvert needed.

      • Swagamoto 2 years ago

        It’s more than 1 second in terms of playback. Also the audio is speed up for w.e reason. This is occurring on all of them btw.

  • Randal 2 years ago

    Seg 16 audio lag, audio is late.

    • 10 parts seems to be fully ok. just now checked, 16 i cant check all. from next week i will try to balance main and segments more so that users can switch if issue in segments.

  • Devonte Flowers 2 years ago

    Can you upload the openload for the show

  • Kushina Mina 2 years ago

    Part 8 in the 10 parts of daily motion is broken after 11 or 10 minutes (maybe 12)

  • Ali Asif 2 years ago

    3 part hdtv link? punk

  • Randal 2 years ago

    Your video are stuck and playing I mean it’s no buffering but your videos stuck and freeze for 2-5 sec in between at Random time and skips that part and plays over again. I am not complaining but make sure to improve it for next Time!
    Good luck

    • noticed in 16segment after part 11. looks like breaking the videos in middle is causing issue, need to modiy the segments number from next live.

      10 parts @ 60FPS are ok no issue in it except on part 8end with is fixed in part 8 alternate.