WWE Raw 1/2/17 Live

Watch WWE Raw 1/2/17 Live 2nd January 2017 Full Show Free 1/2/2017

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WWE Raw 1/2/17 Live

What does Goldberg have in store? WWE Raw 1/2/17 Live

We haven’t seen Goldberg since he announced his intention to enter the 2017 Royal Rumble Match — and that was before he knew Brock Lesnar
was also in the bout — so it will be interesting to hear what’s going through the WCW icon’s mind less than four weeks before the
over-the-top-rope extravaganza.
Will Goldberg have a message for The Beast Incarnate, who suffered a shocking, swift defeat to the returning veteran at Survivor Series?
How is Goldberg preparing for what’s sure to be a daunting challenge? Regardless, Goldberg never makes an appearance unless it means something.
Who’s next? It’s anyone’s guess.

Kevin Owens’ days numbered?

Seth Rollins serving as a much-needed equalizer to counter Chris Jericho’s distractions, United States Champion Roman Reigns successfully defended his
title against WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens this past Monday night, and if that was any indication of what’s to come at Royal Rumble, The Big Dog could
be leaving the Alamodome with titles on both shoulders.
The Architect might not be there on Jan. 29 to keep Jericho at bay, but a shark cage hanging high above the ring will prevent “The Best in the World at What
He Does” from helping his bestie steal another win. Should Owens be worried?

Can Sami Zayn be the Last Man Standing?

Sami Zayn might have been able to survive 10 minutes against the imposing Braun Strowman at Roadblock: End of the Line, but next Monday night on Raw,
he’ll have to not only defeat The Monster Among Men, but keep him flat on his back for a 10-count in a Last Man Standing Match — a seemingly impossible feat.
And yet, The Underdog from the Underground wears his moniker proudly, and wants nothing more than to prove to his critics, including Raw General Manager
Mick Foley, that he can not only withstand Strowman’s punishment, but overcome it. Is Zayn being foolhardy, brave or a combination of both?
We’ll find out Monday night.

What’s next Bayley

With her most recent win over Raw Women’s Champion Charlotte Flair evidently stricken from the record book, Bayley was forced to battle The Queen for No.
1 contendership this past Monday on Raw. And since Dana Brooke served as the special guest referee,
it wasn’t exactly the fair fight The Huggable One had hoped for.
Defeated and unfairly taken out of title contention by the crafty Charlotte, Bayley might need to rethink her path to the Raw Women’s Title.
How will she respond to The Queen’s machinations?

Will Neville earn his crown as “King of the Cruiserweights”?

Neville’s new attitude has been paying off as of late, most recently in the form of a non-title bout victory over WWE Cruiserweight Champion Rich Swann this
past Tuesday night on WWE Network’s 205 Live. And yet, the so-called “King of the Cruiserweights” has yet to truly sit on his division’s throne.
After defeating Swann, has Neville earned a WWE Cruiserweight Championship opportunity in the near future?

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