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  • WWE Audience 1 year ago

    Best matches of 205 Live this week part 2; it was the second half of the year, featuring Chad Gable vs Jack Gallagher, Drake Maverick vs Mike Kanellis in an unsanctioned match, Lio Rush vs Raul Mendoza, and Angel Garza vs Lio Rush for the cruiserweight championship at NXT.

    Chad Gable vs Jack Gallagher – I remember it was time when a majority of WWE fans criticized the company for putting Gable in cruiserweight division because he still needed to deserve more appearances and matches on main shows, Raw and SmackDown Live. When I watched the match at that time, both CG and JG showed pretty much everything they got. Gable was the better man; despite his victory, it was a fine moment for the competitors to leave a sign of mutual respect; they earned it for each other.

    Drake Maverick vs Mike Kanellis – Mike Kanellis got all over Drake Maverick from the get-go. I saw Kanellis dominate most of the match; but Maverick found his way to counter and took down his heel. What I think about this match is that taking leading control for most of contest time doesn’t necessarily guarantee a victory; rather actually defeating an opponent and standing tall can call for a win.

    Lio Rush vs Raul Mendoza – Both contestants demonstrated nice in-ring performances. LR and RM deserved credits for what they gave for the audiences. It was a great match. If I remember correctly, through this match, more crowds and viewers recognized Raul Mendoza. When I saw Mendoza at NXT in the past, he was pretty much a jobber. I kept thinking that he shouldn’t be that jobber based on in-ring skills that he had to maximize his potential. Maybe after the match against Lio Rush, he had in-ring actions more often and earned victories rightfully so. Hopefully, RM can find and take an opportunity for the cruiserweight championship in the near future when the time comes in full circle.

    Angel Garza vs Lio Rush – It was the best 205 match in 2019 in my personal opinion. AG and LR exchanged their mind games, trying the best to gain upper hand during the match. After repetitive kickouts, the crowds were on their feet, chanted “NXT! NXT! NXT!…”, and witnessed that Garza made Rush tap out via full Nelson headlock submission to become the new cruiserweight champion. I’m sure it was the best moment for AG’s WWE career. Yeah, it is impressive to note that Garza is the first Mexican cruiserweight champion. After such remarkable victory, AG made an official proposal to engage in his fiance at the ring stage on WWE exclusive and shared his unforgettable moment with her and his sister on the WWE exclusive.

    For the 2 weeks, it was a nice reflection of 2019 matches; I wonder what the future holds for the cruiserweight rosters. I just wish their best and success in 2020.

  • hussine 1 year ago

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