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  • Kushedout 2 months ago

    You guys are the best yall upload everything that’s krazy thanks for all u guys do even if I dont watch it all

    • Kushveer 2 months ago

      Bruh this makin me sound like I have alternate accounts.

    • Shreyabh 2 months ago

      Could you guys please upload wrestle Kingdom 1-10
      I have been wanting that forever

      • TheGame 2 months ago

        if it was fully in english i would do, i have no idea about it, its already in request. i will try to find all english or i will only do english for available & japanese for others.

  • Maliik 2 months ago

    Plz upload roh ppv above 2010 and njpw wrestle kingdom collection please

    • TheGame 2 months ago

      it will be available later around feb, after wwe collecition till attitude era over.

      • Kushveer 2 months ago

        Will u update things after the AE as well? And by Attitude era do you mean till 2003?

      • TheGame 2 months ago

        After that it will be weekly update instead of bulk, we do not have files ready for those.

      • Sulaiman Khan 2 weeks ago

        Add wwe hall of fame

      • Jacob 1 hour ago

        Added to pending requests list

  • Pranav Pawar 2 months ago

    These Guys are Excellent Man. I pray to god that Host doesnt delete ur files from server unlike last time.

    • TheGame 2 months ago

      we have a good deal with reldrive & prime hd, even if they want to delete they will ask us to reupload first & correct things.

  • Shakil Mahmud 2 months ago

    Please upload all the shows year-wise from now on again as a collection. Please please please.

    • TheGame 2 months ago

      cannot say for all shows, but most shows will be covered.

  • Could u plz upload Goldbergs’s 173-0 (Streak) matches?

    • TheGame 2 months ago

      added to pending list, if there is already any such dvd or collection by wwe it will be posted.

      • Thank you!
        I have seen one Goldberg’s dvd from WWE, but it contains only few matches from WCW.
        If you have WCW programs record, then please also consider uploading it.

    • Ajith 1 month ago

      What will you do when these links are blocked?.
      Can we watch anytime? .

      • TheGame 1 month ago

        if they get blocked, you can notify in report issues page & we will get it up.

  • great job your doing i cant seem to download any of the episodes of raw 1994 after episode 13

    • TheGame 2 months ago

      yes 13 to 21 seem to have issue in reldrive, it will b fixed today. thank you.

    • TheGame 2 months ago

      episode 13 to 21 should be fixed now in reldrive for raw 1994

  • Dibos 2 months ago

    Please add wcw shows

  • ANTHONY TORRES 1988 2 months ago

    Please upload the entire collection of WWE SUMMERSLAM 1988-2020. Transfer to OPENDRIVE.TOP. I been dealing with it since summer of last year.

  • Phenom 2 months ago

    Can you please upload smackdown till 2008?

  • Kushveer 2 months ago

    pls tell me when WCW content coming u said after raw

    • TheGame 2 months ago

      today or tomorrow need to line it up properly with raw so it takes time.

      • Amandeep 2 months ago

        Can you upload the survivor Series Collection

      • TheGame 2 months ago

        it will be available later.

      • Ahmad 2 months ago

        bro can you upload wwe in hindi please sir

      • TheGame 2 months ago

        It is already in request we are not able to find perfect hd channels for that. all available are 480p perfect or 720p with issues.

  • Phenom 2 months ago


    • TheGame 2 months ago

      it will be available later on, after wcw, raw & ppvs collection completed till 2001, other shows also will be coverd year by year.

      • Kushveer 2 months ago

        But like because smackdown was started in 1999 I think will u upload it too along with the raws? Or else it wouldn’t really make sense to watch 1 show and not the other.

      • TheGame 2 months ago

        at the momment no plans formed for it, first wcw n raw till 2001 after that others start n then yearly of all shows from 2001.

  • badoo 2 months ago

    will u please upload every ppvs to present

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