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  • Pranav Pawar 1 week ago

    Why Do HS/High Speed Links Valid Only for 3 days?

    • TheGame 1 week ago

      it has less diskspace so cannot keep all files in it for long.

      • Suplex City 1 week ago

        Hey. Will you resume adding into the Collection section anytime soon..specific the WCW-ppv’s? Thanx for everything.;-)

      • TheGame 1 week ago

        it will be available soon.

      • Suplex City 5 days ago

        # Episode 1995.41 – WWF_Monday_Night_Raw_10_30_1995_SD:
        This episode only has the description. The link is missing.

      • TheGame 5 days ago

        It shoudl be fixed now.

      • Ganesh bahadur lama 5 days ago

        can i see this all monday night raw and smack downlive to you tube how to see in youtube this all please sms me

      • Deadman 5 days ago

        Youtube have some its own policy if we even will do, it will gone after some time like copyright strike, so no mean to upload in that platform , We are giving you so much sources here with sd,hd,lq like suitable Quality . You can watch here.

  • Stuart Mills 2 days ago

    EVERYTIME i click on ANY LINK it takes me to EVERYTIME .. EVERYLINK .. please can you fix .. cheers .. 63 yr man misses his wrestling .. .. CHEERS if you can assist PLEASE

    • TheGame 2 days ago

      what device & browser.
      you should not copy paste link. just open site in browser & click the link it will load player and play in infotakers site. if you directly visit link it will not load player due to copyright issues.

  • John Smith 1 day ago
    It looks like the Dailymotion part 2 is gone/missing? Just letting you know… most of the time I like watching things a little sped up so I can finish them faster! I can’t seem to do that on other servers/hosts/links idk what you call them but I hope you understand what I mean… for some reason some of them don’t work and Dailymotion has always worked best for me! I’m still thankful and grateful for FSC and PvP though because those are the only other ones that seem to work for me… anyway just letting you know the 2nd part of that show was missing that’s all… hope everyone is doing well! 🙂

    • TheGame 1 day ago

      fixed now. but you are betteroff watching in fsc / primehd / pvp they stay up longer. dailymotion auto rejects, deltes accounts etc.

  • Old School NWA 1 day ago

    Just wandering if you ever going to get NWA/WCW STARRCADES 1983-2000

    • TheGame 17 hours ago

      It takes time to convert hd sd & lq for all files. so it will be coming slow.

  • hello sir can you repost AEW Revolution 2019 links

    • TheGame 13 mins ago

      cant do now, need to save rss for upcoming live. may be after raw.

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