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  • ANTONIO TORRES 1988 3 weeks ago

    hey, what’s up wwe universe. Antonio Torres is here. Please Upload WWF THE BIG EVENT 1986 on OPENDRIVE. I really appreciated. thank you very much.

    • Ricky 3 weeks ago

      Its in 4:3 format, not fullscreen, i will try to get it fullscreen once more, if still unsucessful ill just post the 4:3 format, it will be available around 7PM et.

      PS: dont flood with comments like that, or admins will just ignore them, if some 1 has replied to your request, just wait.

    • ANTONIO TORRES 1988 3 weeks ago

      please upload WWF THE BIG EVENT AUGUST 1986 on OPENDRIVE MP4. let me know. thank you very much. I really appreciated.

      • Admin 3 weeks ago

        if you keep posting same comment too many times, spam bot will just auto move ur messages to spam n v cant see them directly, only post once. some one will reply.

      • Admin 3 weeks ago

        It will be available in morning or in evening after raw.

  • Mohamed Mosallam 3 weeks ago

    slammiversary 2020

  • Patrick 2 weeks ago

    Hello I asked a while back if you could upload all nitro’s and raws from the monday night war era 1996-1999 on opendrive and you said it was coming, i was just wondering if you could let me know roughly how long it will be months, years?
    I would like to say thanks for everything you do and i do appreciate it.

  • Patrick 2 weeks ago

    Would it be possible to get the Legends Of Wrestling series, with the round table discussions?

    • Admin 2 weeks ago

      i have added it to updating list. i cannot give an eta. any admins will do, its just 32 eps i guess.
      what hosting do you need?

      • Patrick 2 weeks ago

        Opendrive is the best..

      • Admin 2 weeks ago

        i have updated it to the update list, any admins will do, but i cannot give an eta if im not doing it.

  • Penguin 2 weeks ago

    Will you guys be hosting current DDT, TJPW and Stardom shows, any platform is fine.

    • Admin 2 weeks ago

      no one watches those shows here so mods stopped posting those. i will place a note for it in admin page, may be some admin will take it.

  • Wwe fan 2 weeks ago

    Please upload summer slam (1 to 32) full show collection.

    • Admin 1 week ago

      its coming, we are just having some issues in getting secure links generated to avoid rejection of files.

  • anthony Howard 1 week ago

    Can we get TalkNShopAMania?

  • TOMAS 4 days ago

    HI,Please can you upload shows on secure servers because chrome is not supporting http anymore .and when I use VPN the server shows this message Whoops, looks like something went wrong.

    • Admin 4 days ago

      what device & which country are u from, which hosting gives you that issue, live hosts or any video hosts.

    • Punk 3 days ago

      We will try to make https before august.