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  • Fesal khan 7 months ago

    Download video

  • fm4liv 1 month ago

    Why was i banned from the chat ? i never said something homophobic or racist. I just don’t understand why i was banned from the chat. Thank You.

    • Admin 1 month ago

      i have forwarded it to chat admin.

      Edit : i saw harassing users about ur opinions till they agree with u in ban reason. i have notified to unblock u. they usually dont block peoples unless they abuse or spam.

      try to be friendly with other users in chat, discussion is ok. but if it turned to personal attack, just ignore each other.

      • fm4liv 1 month ago

        Hello, i wasn´t unblocked (unbanned). Thank you very much.

      • Admin 1 month ago

        i have forwarded ur post to stream admins again.