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Fill your name, Your Mail ID, Fill ur Issues / request & the hosting in which you want it. .

If issue in stream pages / Replay pages.
Provide your country, device, which hosting / stream, error message / issue info.
EG: Australia, IPhone 8, Dailymotion, Error = HD not available in quality list.

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  • Pranav Pawar 2 weeks ago

    Hey Admin, I Have a query that can you please upload a ppv just on opendrive. It doesn’t delete the files. Because you say that most of the sites delete them. Also can u upload older WWE network shows like story time etc. There is no problem if dont upload on the other links.

    • Admin 2 weeks ago

      that opendrive site admin not giving us unlimited upload. we got a weekly limit in opendrive. we are thinking to only upload 1 quality in opendrive for all shows, lets see.

  • Snehankit Gawade 2 weeks ago

    can you please upload WWE 2007-2015 ppvs please i request

  • Thomas 1 week ago

    can you please upload WWE Hall of Fame 2004-2019 please i request

    • Admin 1 week ago

      i have added it to update list, it will be available in collection site.

  • Karan Singh 1 week ago

    Hey admin could you plz check other links cuz they never open up or they show error.
    Also plz put some great ppv’s of wwe like the 2002 summerslam , i mean every ppv from 2000 to till date cuz still i’m unable to watch the 2018 ppv itself. Also plz upload them in 1fichier and opendrive cuz they both only work perfectly.
    Also love your work for us all 🙂

    • Admin 1 week ago

      by other links u mean netu & mystream or download links?

      can u explain where u are having issue & what type of error you are having?

      collection threads will be available soon.

      1fichier will be always available inside the download sd / hd / lq links.

  • Karan Singh 1 week ago

    Hey admin here are some screenshots, rapidgator error uploaded error
    and streaming and download links also don’t work plz check that too.
    Also i live in india so does the region where i’m living affect the download links?
    opendrive link works everytime for streaming and downloading and 1fichier works . other links dont even open or show the error just like i shown you some screenshots.plz work on that issues and the collection threads must have opendrive or 1fichier if you are going to upload it.also could you plz try in google drive , mediafire and mega sharing sites for downloading shows.also plz give the link for telegram if you have.

    • Admin 1 week ago

      we dont provide rapidgator, uploaded. if download link loads a blank page it means that site is blocked by your government. 404 on those hosts ususally means the file got deleted by them due to dmca complaint.

      click download hd, sd or lq all latest working links are inside them, one of them will work.
      we cant provide the other hosts you mentioned because their accounts will get rejected due to dmca & other limitations. direct download hosts will be available later on in new site when collections threads are there.

      • Karan Singh 1 week ago

        ok admin now i understand the problem thnx for the help 🙂

  • Malik 5 days ago

    Plz upload the greatest cage independent matches

  • Sunshine 3 days ago

    Just wanted to say thanks for your site, all the hard work and all you and your team does for this site, have been a long time fan, THANK YOU!!!!!

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