* FSC HD Online Host for Allshows Test Dn.
* Reldrive Online / Download Host Test Dn.
* Highspeed Download Host Test Dn.

FSC HD Online Reldrive Online / DL Temp HighSpeed DL

# For Old Collections We will be replacing Dailymotion with fsc hd since dailymotion tends to delete videos faster & delete entire accounts incase of too many copyrighted files.
# Dailymotion will continue like usual for lastest shows.
# Highspeed download will leech 72hrs valid tempruary links, thats more than enough time for downloading users.
# Reldrive is the opendrive replacement.
# Mystream, Netu & Multiupload hosts will continue like usual.
# Suggestions are welcome.
# Old shows updates will start from Jan 17th After the testings are over.
# If you got any issue in any of the 3 above hosts, Just Post in comments, We will forward to appropriate host & get things corrected.

# Report Issue like Below.
Country : ” EG: UK ”
Device : ” EG : Windows PC ”
Browser : ” EG : Chrome ”
Issue : ” Copy paste the displayed Error ”
Screenshot : ” Just take ss & upload to imgur.com & give link if you cant explain error ”


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  • use xxxxxx.com

    edit. unnecessary backlink removed

    • TheGame 2 weeks ago

      Do you got any issue with the above mentioned host?
      I have added it to the file hosts to check list, but we will use only the hosts that give us premium unlimited accounts & does not delete files fast.

    • Kushveer 2 weeks ago

      Ok I searched that xx up and I realized that the link was removed lol and I got some ya know. Stuff on my screen.

      • TheGame 2 weeks ago

        not sure about what u are asking about.

      • Kushveer 2 weeks ago

        I wa saying that porn showed up on my screen when I searched up xxx thingy .com.

  • You’re not getting rid of the standard hosts like 1ficher, Zippyshare, etc. right?

  • Kushveer 2 weeks ago


    • TheGame 2 weeks ago


      • Kushveer 2 weeks ago

        Thank you. U guys are fantastic. I really aprreciate what u guys do for all of us. It looks like u take a lot of time out of your life and day to make everything work. (By the for chat unban for me I remember that my username was Crushveer)

      • TheGame 2 weeks ago

        no such username found, you can ccreate new username if it gives issue. Chatbox will give banned notification if you use anytype of proxy.

  • Kushveer 2 weeks ago

    No this host is great. Very good. I’m so excited for old school content now.

  • admin, what about Putlocker?
    I hope the hosting can choose the quality of video just like dailymotion, putlocker, etc.
    and btw when the admin will upload my request?
    1 The Best Bout Machine Kenny Omega of ROH
    2.The Best Kenny Omega of PWG
    3. The Women of ECW,
    4. all NXT TakeOver Collections.
    sorry just remembering.. thanks a lot.

    • TheGame 2 weeks ago

      no quality option in v1, i do not think we can expect for v2 too, it takes lot of space all qualities. You can always watch it seprately, lq hd sd will be there in v1 always for final file like opendrive, u can just use the preferred quality link.

      • Covington 2 weeks ago

        Bruh upload my request first TUF22

      • TheGame 2 weeks ago

        it will take atleast up to friday. cannot upload now, we are testing the new host speed today.

  • TheGame 2 weeks ago

    collections will start with v2 host coming in few days, v1 cannot handle high traffic. we are testing traffic today in it.

    • Kushveer 2 weeks ago

      I have a question, what kind of old school content will u guys post? Like will it be 1998 attitude and have all the eposides in one thread? I hope u guys can also post ppvs along with the Ruthless Agression era.

  • Mosh Edd 2 weeks ago

    Wow, just wonderful. I really like the New Host, Reldrive. Really great speeds and thanks for the new LQ quality, it’s great for when we have limited bandwidth. Keep up the good work. You really are awesome, can’t thank you enough. Blessings

  • Cisco 5 days ago

    How can somebody work with you guys

  • XXX-MAN 5 days ago

    Please add backlink edit. as links host also.

    Edit : backlink removed.

    • TheGame 5 days ago

      U got issue in reldrive / Highspeed dl?

      • XXX-MAN 5 days ago

        xxxxxx download is faster than reldrive for me.

        edit : backlink removed

      • TheGame 5 days ago

        use highspeed dl link, no other site can beat the speed of those links.

        those xxx, yyy, etc sites work for a while then they get lot of users & they lag, i have added it to the list of hosts to check, if hadmin approves, it will be added in multiup file list.

  • Kushveer 3 days ago

    Assume old school content is coming now after this final test????? (ps all of these hosts are great and reldrive is still my fav lol)

    • TheGame 3 days ago

      yes it will start after smackdown.

      • Kushveer 2 days ago

        I…….. Thank you. So will u post all years at once or what?

      • TheGame 2 days ago

        we got the files till 2003 ready, the amount of shows updated / day depends on the number of free uploaders with fast pcs.

      • Kushveer 2 days ago

        (Re to your 2003 comment, I can’t reply to that for some reason) So what do u expect? What would be the median for amount of old school content updated lets say everyday? And will u start with 1992 and go up?

      • TheGame 2 days ago

        on non live days shows will be updated in bulk depending on pending requests.

      • Kushveer 18 hours ago

        It’s after smackdown???

      • TheGame 18 hours ago

        old shows will b starting today.