We have added a new site Fastup for download, notify about any type of issues you are facing there.

This will be the verystream replacement.

#1 Online Play instead of download should be fixed now.
#2 Speed droping to under 5mbps for some users will be fixed after this week raw, this is a test file today, after this week raw, speed will be decent.

PS : New comments are hidden for public to avoid unnecessary discussions, admins will look into all comments & try to fix the issues you are facing. .


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  • Sarah The Man 9 months ago

    Fastup he say this when i enter the site.. Oops! That page can’t be found.

    It looks like nothing was found at this location. Maybe try one of the links below or a search?

  • shahid 9 months ago

    why you are not using dxxxxxxxxx.to ….. or xxxxxx.tv 🙂 ,,, yyyyyy is not deleteing contents

    Admin edit : edited out links to avoid unnecessary backlinks

    • Admin 9 months ago

      I have already tested those other sites with traffic, they are not fit for handling our load.

  • Sarah The Man 9 months ago

    Admin fastup is download speed until 40% than downloading very slow

    • Admin 9 months ago

      Its a Outsourced site, & its just test link, main links will be available from later shows.

  • Ox199995 9 months ago

    Fastup is not working pls fix it

  • donat123 9 months ago

    please fix this fastup i can’t watch shows on that link it is just for downloading not watching online

    • Admin 9 months ago

      Use primevid / vidgg / dailymotion / vidlox / waaw for watching online. If uve ny issue with them notify ur issue.

  • donat123 9 months ago

    this fastup doesn’t work for watching online just for downloading please fix this